Eat Your Way Through Melbourne: The Best Places to Dine

For some people, visiting a new place is all about seeing the sights and learning as much as they can about the history and culture. But for others, there’s one main goal when they’re exploring somewhere new: finding the best food. Getting to visit new places to eat is one of the best things about discovering a new town or city, and Melbourne has so many different places to offer. You definitely won’t run out of choices, whether you’re looking for a food truck, a casual cafe, or a fancy restaurant. In fact, you can spend a day eating your way through the city if you want to.


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Breakfast and Brunch

Starting the day off right is always important, especially if you’re planning on a big day exploring a new city. Breakfast and brunch spots aren’t hard to find in Melbourne so you can discover great places to eat, where you’re getting an early start or you’re a bit slower to begin your day.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne CBD brunch or breakfast, try heading to Krimper Cafe for a brioche French toast, to White Mojo for a classic avo on toast, or to Manchester Press for a hidden gem specialising in bagels.

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It’s been a few hours since breakfast (or brunch) and you’re starting to get peckish again. Fortunately, you’ve also got plenty of options for your lunch in Melbourne. Heading to a food truck is often the perfect solution for your lunch, offering you something filling but casual.

Try the likes of Mr Burger, Taco Truck, or Beatbox Kitchen for some delicious food truck offerings. But if you’d rather sit somewhere more permanent, there are lots of great cafes and restaurants. Get Thai food at BangPop, burgers and steak sandwiches at Butchers Diner, or local fare at Farmer’s Daughters.


As it gets later in the day, it’s definitely time to end your food tour of Melbourne with a bang. Dinner is often the biggest meal of the day, so it’s essential to really make it count. You can find all sorts of cuisines across the city, with plenty of different influences from around the world, especially from Australia’s “close” neighbours.

There’s the Vietnamese-Australian Anchovy, Iberian-influenced Bar Lourinhã, Italian Di Stasio Città, modern Cantonese cooking at Flower Drum, and so much more to explore. You can find both well-known restaurants with big accolades and smaller, out-of-the-way options for a more casual experience.


Of course, there are times when you might get a little hungry in between meals. Fortunately, Melbourne has you covered if you’re looking for a snack or dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, seek out The Brûlée Cart or the doughnut van at Queen Victoria Market. Bars are also great for snacks, giving you something tasty to soak up the alcohol you’re drinking. The Madame Brussels rooftop bar will ensure you get your fill, with a range of snacks including toasted sandwiches and cupcakes.


Explore Melbourne by seeing what the food scene has to offer. You’re sure to discover a variety of delicious things to eat.





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